Industrial Cleaning Services for PA & VA

Industrial Cleaning for PA & VA

Industrial facilities require regular cleaning for optimal day-to-day function. At Pro Quality Cleaning, we provide thorough cleaning services for industrial facilities such as:


Our cleaning tasks are customizable to your facility's needs. We provide standard janitorial services for all industrial facilities, such as cleaning and disinfecting rooms, sweeping and mopping the floors, removing the trash and recycling, dusting and vacuuming.

Our team of professional cleaners can also take and implement special cleaning requests. Industrial facilities often have specific guidelines that require additional levels of scrutiny for following safety guidelines, using chemicals properly, following OSHA requirements, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s).

Safety is always our top priority, and we follow all required guidelines when you hire us to clean your industrial facility. In addition to our typical industrial janitorial cleaning services, we can also sweep and scrub warehouses and use our Kaivac "No Touch" cleaning system for large, waterproof restrooms.

Our Kaivac cleaning system is a convenient and safe way to clean restrooms of hard-to-remove soils and bacteria that can't be eradicated by hand. When we remove all the sources of odor, your restroom will smell fresh again.



Count on Pro Quality Cleaning for Industrial Cleaning Services

Whether you manage an airport, a factory or a warehouse, maintaining the cleanliness of the facility is a vital part of keeping the business and production running smoothly. Pro Quality Cleaning offers industrial janitorial services to ensure warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other large operations stay in their best condition after long workdays. You can request a one-time cleaning or have us visit regularly to deliver expert cleaning services.

Communicating with our team is easy. We ensure that we provide a clear, thorough response to meet your needs whenever you get in touch with us. Reach out online today to schedule your first cleaning or request a free estimate.

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