Lancaster, PA

About Us...

We provide a full line of janitorial services that offers a wide variety of solutions in the cleaning and sanitation industry. We cover all of Lancaster County.  

Our brand is built on building long-term business relationships with our customers,
employees, and vendors. We understand this is the most sustainable way to achieve long-term success and provides a win-win solution for everybody we come in contact with. We personally meet with each potential customer tounderstand their janitorial needs and provide a customized solution.

We service all types of commercial facilities, including but not limited to: professional office buildings, warehouses, industrial centers, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, banks, day care centers, educational facilities, fitness centers, libraries, and retail centers.

We take great pride in our work and appreciate an opportunity to earn your business!

Janitorial Services We Offer...

Office Cleaning Services Office Cleaning Industrial Cleaning Services Industrial Cleaning
Tile Floor Stripping and Refinishing Services Tile Floor Stripping & Refinishing Tile Floor Scrubbing and Polishing Services Tile Floor Scrubbing & Polishing
Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Tile & Grout Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning Services Upholstery Cleaning Kaivac No-Touch Restroom Cleaning Kaivac No-Touch® Restroom Cleaning 
Window Cleaning Services Window Cleaning  Special Cleaning Services  Other Services

Who We Are...

Nick Carter, CBSE | President
Nick Carter, CBSE
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Todd Cameron | General Manager

Todd Cameron
General Manager



Angel Cruz | Special Services Supervisor

Angel Cruz
Area Supervisor






Carolyn Carter | Vice President
Carolyn Carter
Vice President


Megan Martz - Administrative Assistant
Megan Martz

Administrative Assistant



Yvonne McBride | Area Supervisor

Yvonne McBride
Area Supervisor


Company Statement

Our company is more than just another cleaning service. Who we are and how we conduct business is a deep reflection of our heart to serve customers and find solutions to their janitorial needs. Our success as a company is defined by the commitments we keep and following through on the promises we make.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to develop leaders within our company who faithfully represent our brand, are passionate about people, and are proud to work within the commercial cleaning industry.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive janitorial services to commercial facilities while maintaining a fair pricing structure and developing long-term business relationships.

Our Core Values

We strongly believe that living and demonstrating our Core Values on a daily basis will further our mission to deliver janitorial services and develop long-term business relationships with our customers and employees.

1. Pride. We are proud of the cleaning industry and the services we offer. We take active measures to instill the same pride in all of our employees, from top line management to front line janitors.

2. Attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude, through good days and challenging days, is critical to developing a cohesive team that is willing to go the extra mile for our company and customers.

3. Respect. We will set the standard for individual respect by demonstrating respect to every single person under all circumstances. We expect our employees to respect our customers’ property and personal belongings.

4. Honesty. We understand the high amount of trust our customers place in us to be stewards of their facility. We expect our employees to show uprightness in character and action and be truthful of their time and conduct.

5. Communication. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ and employees’ expectations when responding to their communications by cutting expected response time in half.