Importance of Maintaining a Clean Office

Posted by Pro Quality Cleaning on May 9, 2017

An office in any industry is a critical space where client meetings are held and key decisions are made. It is often the space where your customers develop their first impression of your business. For that reason, and many others, it is critically important that every business maintains a clean office environment.

What level of clean is “clean”? Understandably, many businesses choose to employ the staff they have in the hope of saving money. This often results in lower employee productivity and the need to purchase a whole host of products and supplies that your staff may not be trained to use. It can also damage your reputation and the health of your employees.

Outlined below are a number of reasons why maintaining a professionally-cleaned office is so important to the success of your business and the health of the employees who work there.

Present a Professional Image

Most people won’t be surprised to learn that a negative impression is more impactful than a positive one. Your office space sets the stage for your business. A bad impression here can cause you to lose a new client or opportunity. By keeping a clean office, you are also encouraging your employees to take pride in their work and their surroundings, thereby improving your company’s overall image.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

Considering the amount of time most people spend in their offices, and how quickly dirt, dust and germs can accumulate in even a well-maintained office, it becomes clear that a clean office is a key factor in your employees’ health.

Low-to-moderate levels of airborne debris can lead to respiratory illnesses and increased allergies among your staff. During cold and flu season, unsanitized surfaces foster the spread of germs and cause a decrease in employee attendance and productivity. Hiring a professional cleaning service with the skills and knowledge to maintain your facility will result in healthier and happier employees.

Protect Your Investment

While it’s true that paying a professional cleaning service to maintain your office is an added expense, it may end up being a service that actually saves you money in the long run. The cost of replacing office furniture, fixtures, carpet and flooring can far exceed the costs of maintaining it in the first place. The improper use of any cleaning solutions and products can lead to damaged property and health hazards.

You want to focus on growing your business, not cleaning it. Don’t let a poorly maintained office get in the way of your success! Keep your office running smoothly, your employees healthy and your reputation intact by hiring the right people with the right tools for the job.

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