Beware of Low-Cost Commercial Cleaning Companies

Posted by Pro Quality Cleaning on June 5, 2017

Type in “Commercial Cleaning Services” in your search engine, and what do you find? Anything from national chains and franchises to local mom-and-pop shops. If you are the person in charge of hiring a cleaning service for your business, how do you go about finding the right provider? First, check out our blog article Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Cleaning Company.” Second, and most importantly, read on below to learn why you should avoid basing your decision solely on cost!

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"Spotlight On" Viviano

Posted by Pro Quality Cleaning on May 19, 2017

We would like to recognize and thank employee Viviano.

Please meet Viviano, a valued employee of Pro Quality Cleaning since 2011. He has cleaned multiple buildings for us during the last seven years and works five days per week. In the past he has sometimes even worked seven days per week! 

Viviano is originally from Peru and has been working here in the United States for 18 years. He works very hard to support his family and enjoys working in the cleaning industry. 

What is most remarkable is during the last seven years he has worked for us, HE HAS NOT MISSED A SINGLE DAY OF WORK! Not only that, but our customers have remarked how well of a job he does cleaning. 

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Importance of Maintaining a Clean Office

Posted by Pro Quality Cleaning on May 9, 2017

An office in any industry is a critical space where client meetings are held and key decisions are made. It is often the space where your customers develop their first impression of your business. For that reason, and many others, it is critically important that every business maintains a clean office environment.

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